Omid Hospital

Company Name: Frontend Developer

January 2014 – March 2014 is an investor facing web site designed to provide construction project updates and progress reports to the investor community. I was reporting to the Board of Directors to ensure continued investor support and capital availability for large scale construction and equipment acquisition.

  • Utilized HTML5, CSS3, and leveraged JavaScript on a PHP/ SQL back-end
  • Ensured cross browser compatibility
  • Maximized usage space with restrict data validation using JavaScript
  • Hybrid Flash/HTML UI Design


Company Name: Frontend Developer

January 2013 – December 2013 manages Membership, Registration and Course catalogs for Arashkan software training center serving 5,000 students.

I also provided programming services for different Arashkan clients, ranging from design, deployment and maintenance of their websites, examples:

  • Used Adobe Flash for the base UI of the website
  • Used JavaScript with flash to provide connectivity across pages
  • Used Object Oriented Programming in both Action-script and PHP areas

  • Designed based on one page application
  • Developed under-skin loading to increase the website speed
  •  Used flash ActionScript to run PHP and JavaScript functions and statements

  • Designed one page application for more efficient and faster web pages
  • Based on PHP and AJAX technology
  • Supported two languages – English and Persian
  • Supported Cross-browser functionality


Front-end Developer

Company Name: Hoorsun

July 2007 – December 2007

Hoorsun is a European bread producer. I designed and developed the Farsi portion of for Iranian market.

  • Created efficient, maintainable, and modular HTML/JavaScript/CSS code
  • Used PHP, MySQL technologies for back-end
  • Used AJAX technology to provide faster and more efficient WebPages
  • Used ActionScript 2.0 for Adobe Flash interactive animations
  • Implemented JavaScript code inside Flash animations
  • Used Raster and Vector graphic tools

Arian Co

Company Name: Visual Basic Developer

July 2006 – December 2012

  • Designed and developed customer support tracking system application using Visual and Microsoft Access.
  • Designed and developed a simple CRM application using visual basic 6 and Microsoft SQL.


Company Name: VBA Developer

Agust 2001 – March 2006

  • Designed and developed resume storage application using VBA and Microsoft Access.
  • Developed an accounting application using VBA and Microsoft Excel.
  • Implemented a typing test program inside Ms-Word and generated grading graph in MS Excel for computer training centers.

Buali University

Company Name: AutoLisp Developer

November 1999 – July 2001

A CAD system for finisher die design of an axisymmetric forging component with arbitrary profile.

Tehran Azad University

Company Name: C++ and AutoLisp Developer

May 1999 – November 1999

Designed and developed a program to draw trajectory of one degree freedom linkage using C++ and AutoLISP.


Represented Iran in international swimming and water-polo competitions from 1983 to 1993
Won 100m Breaststroke Gold medal in 1990 National Championship
Won Youth Water Polo Gold medal in 1988 National Championship


Detail-oriented individual with UI design experience and a solid understanding of users’ perspectives looking to secure a Frontend Engineer position

* Highly experienced in object-oriented and functional JavaScript programming
* Deep knowledge and experience with ReactJS-Redux, Redux-Saga
* In-depth working knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, BEM, Responsive Design, SASS and LESS
* Expert in VueJS-Vuex, AngularJS, MVC Architecture, jQuery, DOM, XML, JSON and AJAX
* Unit Testing: Mocha, Chai, Jasmine, Enzyme, Skin deep, Sinon, Karma, Jest
* Experience with PHP, JAVA, NodeJS, Express, MySQL, C++ programming
* GitHub repository, Webpack, GulpJS, GruntJS
* Experience with HTTP Protocol, SOAP, REST and API
* Very handy with troubleshooting tools such as Chrome DevTools and Firebug
* Microsoft SQL and MySQL Databases
* Highly experienced in VBA Development for Excel, Access, and Word
* Programming Auto Lisp for AutoCAD
* Experience and knowledge of JavaScript libraries like Immutable, Lodash, D3.js
* Windows, Mac OS, and Linux Operating Systems
* Expert with Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Drupal