Login Task Instruction

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Free to use any JavaScript library framework same goes with CSS and HTML. Application must be developed as SPA (Single Page Application)



  • Create sign up page with following fields. Email address, password, confirm password, First and Last name, Birthday
  • Do Email Address validation (validation).
  • First and Last name should no longer then 50 character (validation).
  • Birthdate format must be MM/DD/YYYY but submit with UTC time long value (14623123000) (validation)
  • User must be at least 18 or 150-year-old. (validation)
  • All fields are required.
  • Have Submit and Clear all button
  • Don’t allow user to hit submit button if form is empty.
  • Clear all button will clear the form.
  • Submit must be ajax call with post (it’s fine if post failed with 500,404)
  • After sign up success (when user hit enter or click on the submit button) show same information to the end user in second page in form fields.
  • Put button end of the form that can redirect to the buddy list. Button name can be anything.
  • Have buddy list in data grid (data-table) with column that contain avatar with round corners. Column that contain first name and last name.
  • Get buddy list must be http GET call from local JSON file.
  • Give ability to User that he/she can add and delete buddy from list.