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30 Day Goal Challenge


The 30 Day Goal Challenge promises to discover your personal goals and how to overcome barriers through one-on-one personalized services.

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After the Goal Discovery session (low fee-based), there are four consecutive weeks of follow up sessions that provide an overview of personalized techniques,

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Our first session includes a Goal Discovery (complimentary session), which we analyze on how your brain processes information and how it impacts your personal well being.

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We have worked on overcoming several issues such as:
Reduced Stress and Anxiety
Decreased Depression
Reduced Insomnia

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Our techniques that we use to break barriers are through US and international universities and research centers,

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Genius Fish provides supportive tools and inspiration to break personal barriers by using creative and research-backed techniques, including seminars, webinars, recommendations, articles, and personalized services.


Using interdisciplinary research within Cognitive Science and empirical methods to provide resources on the mind’s processes to empower individuals to become limitless. Since Cognitive Science can only address certain materialistic areas, questions, and matters, we also focus on Quantum Physics to have a greater understanding of the mind and beyond.


Upcoming Webinars: Using creativity to overcome anxiety

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